The best Bakery point-of-sale (POS) Software


The Baking Industry Trade Show started in 2017, and it is in a few days. It is a unique exhibition in the Australian baking industry. They probably picked now as winter is coming up which is always a problem in the bakery industry.  It reminds me that we have many clients with our baking shop system now. Recently I was very pleased that after reviewing the bakery point of sale systems, recently Treats and Takeaway in Queensland decided on our bakery POS software.

Bakery point-of-sale (POS) systems need to have many functions of retail POS system, plus they need much more. 

Our system makes it easy to run a bakery. It is fast in action. It has a slick touch screen interface for them, possibly the fastest in our marketspace. 

-It can sell by units or by weight. 

-It can handle the large numbers of special orders often required. We can also help simplify order tracking and so increase efficiency, for example, wrong names. It also displays orders in a form that is easy to scroll through and find them. It also makes it easy to repeat special orders. 

-Also, we keep track of the many items required to be kept in a bakery. Plus, we can do it in the precise amounts needed. This can help avoid the delay in special orders because one necessary ingredient is missing. 

-Using our quoting system, you can accurately calculate costs for regular and special orders. 

The right bakery POS system will enable your small business to grow. By implementing this right bakery management software, you can improve your business.

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