Test an ereader for free



Now a battle is going on between ereaders in Australia now. Notably, iPad, which Apple is pushing, Amazon is pushing kindle, sony ereader which I still think could be a good chance in Australia, particularly if the large magazine and newspapers publishers adopt it and the iriver story that large Australian retailers such as Harvey Norman are pushing.

Still, the winner I suspect will be a computer. I tested the Kindle software last night, then downloaded a book and had a read.

While doing so, I felt that many of our readers here might like to experience the feel of what an e-reader is and how it functions.

So if you want to see what it is like, please do the following steps.

1) Click [link removed] to this site, and download and install the kindle software.

2) Then go to one of these sites and select a book. Read a chapter and see what you think.

[link removed]

I suspect you will notice that it is not as easy to read with the eyes as a book or magazine. This will change as the new screens come out.