Tatts Lottery Barcode Scanning Slowdowns


the lotto

We have received concerning reports from our customers about frustrating delays when scanning Tatts lottery barcodes in our POS system. We have rigorously performed exhaustive diagnostics on our Point of Sale system, and our internal barcode retrieval is operating quickly, smoothly, and reliably. So we believe these problems are not from our Point of Sale software and they do not cause these delays. Instead, our troubleshooting and log analysis shows that the slowdown occurs when retrieving the barcode data from Tatts through the XchangeIT gateway. There may be a capacity problem there, but now this is purely speculation.

Unfortunately, we don't have visibility into the inner workings of the Tatts and XchangeIT systems to continue our investigations. However, we have urgently contacted our trusted contacts at XChangeIT to thoroughly investigate whether issues on their end could result in slow responses. They assure us they are working on it now.

Resolving this issue is our utmost top priority now. As we deeply understand how critically important fast, reliable barcode scanning is to your business operations and customer satisfaction.

We are working to get this resolved for you.

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