Support fees


Several people contacted us about what they felt was a dramatic increase in support charges just announced by a competitor. This competitor had offered no explanation for why the big increase was necessary.

See the table below and make your own decision, if these are dramatic increases.

Ask yourself, do you really see in 2009 service industries getting dearer are their main expenses interest payments, wage bill, rent, telephone etc going up? On the contrary, almost everyone is more concerned with deflation than inflation. Do you see the justification? The people that contacted us clearly did not see this price rise as fair or reasonable.

In comparison, POS Solutions charges $90/hour.

That is 74% less.

As we are expecting few increases this year so we see no reason to change it.


So we have formed the view from the evidence presented by these people that we too regard this increase as excessive and unjustified so we cannot blame people for complaining.

I think our advertising approach needs changing, as clearly there is a reason for us to emphasize fairness.