Personal Newspapers


Until recently, it was only in science fiction shows. Now it is available in Europe.

The subscriber say, Mary, picks what she wants to read.

Then a personal newspaper is created for Mary based on what she wants to read. On the front page of this personal newspaper, it includes a personal greeting (Good Morning, Mary!). Now at 7:00 am this newspaper is printed and delivered by Swiss Post to Mary by 11 a.m. Swiss Post obviously is not up to Australian newsagents standards.

At least with this model, you know the subscriber is getting a newspaper with information that they want. If they do not like a writer, are not interested in sport or they just do not like the political view of the newspaper, they just change it. What I really like is it opens the possibilities for personalized advertising. The newspaper of the future might be a cheap way of sending direct mail. That would give it a big plus in the market.