Study your End of Days Options


Try using your End of Day Options and experiment.

Yes, your POS System is a Cash Register that can do X-Offs, Y-Offs and your Z-Offs at the end of the day, but it can do much more. Why not use it as well as a computer, not a Cash Register?

These are what we call a freebie. It takes no time and effort and gives you a pile of information.

Now when you go into your End of Day, stop and look at the other options, I have highlighted in Green below.

Study them all. In particular, look at the ones I ticked as I think you will find these most useful. 

Another helpful function is to set your POS System to automatically email or SMS your shop's End of Day details to many different email addresses and mobile numbers. This is an excellent feature if you are away from the shop and a convenient paperless way to archive your end-of-day reports!

Your POS Software is not just a simple Cash Register.




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