Stocktake 2018/19



Well, stocktake season is upon us again.

Please note that we have updated the help documents in posBrowser's help files so it is worthwhile to check them out.

To get them press F1 while in the register and check them out.

There are four documents:

Stocktake = Standard stocktake doc using Posbrowser on its own to run the stock take. 

Stocktake with a PTD = Stocktaking with the help of a PDT

Stocktake with the stock management system = Stocktaking using the mobile PDA browser program.

3rd Party Stocktake guide = A guide on how to upload stocktake data to and from another program.

Whatever way you decide to run your stocktaking try it in training first to get familiar with the process. Better to know the process ahead of time instead of having trouble when trying to run the real thing


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