A tip, try a BuyBack to get rid of excess stock


A lot of you now, preparing or having done a stocktake are looking at a lot of stock that you no longer want. One solution often recommended is to discount it heavily and clear it out. It usually works, but it costs.

Here is another alternative to try out.

Have a word to your supplier of this stock, you are buying off them, and they want to be in your good books. This stock may be useful to them even though it is not to you.

I had a client that made a big order and the supplier agreed to credit most but not all of these unwanted items. So yes the rest went into a clearance bin, but the bulk was replaced with sellable stock. They did not even get charged a restocking fee. My client stated to me it was to them, it was like this money they found in the street.

Food for thought?


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