Split payments

What happened to one of our clients is that someone ordered some bicycles repairs and when he came back the amount owing was higher then the customer could pay in cash so he then asked the retailer if he could pay partly with cash and put the rest on a credit card. Well, it was no problem as the bike shop had our software which can handle split bills. But one comment that the customer stated to the retailer, was that the retailer does not have the right to reject such an offer. The retailer decided to make some enquires, and this comment may be true. Although a retailer does not have any obligation to accept any form of payment type this must be stated before the purchase. If the retailer had a sign "No split bills" the retailer could then reject the offer, and there would be nothing illegal about this. If this is not specified it may be a legal problem. This I thought was interesting. However what I would think is by showing such a sign the retailer would be losing business as some people want it.

However, it would not be a problem to our clients as our software can handle it. Although our restaurant clients commonly use it when several people are having a meal, it is used by many other of our clients as it does not necessarily have to be several people as this example today shows, the customer here wanted to pay partly with cash and the rest put on VISA.

In my experience, unless you’ve invested in the point-of-sale software that can do it, it’s hard and time-consuming to split a payment but if you have it in your software, it gives you flexibility which is what retailing needs.