POS Solutions is too cheap

In what is clearly an attack on us, one of our competitors has publically attacks us as being too cheap and that our hardware is no good.

Well let me state some facts, we offer 12 months free maintenance on all our hardware with an option if you like to take out a five-year contract.Plus if we have to take the equipment away for repairs, we offer replacement equipment. If the equipment is *no good* as claimed we would be the one suffering first, not our clients. Would you provide a five-year warranty 24 x 7 on equipment that you knew was *no good*? No, you would go broke.

Not only that we also often sell the same equipment as them, so if our equipment is no good neither is their equipment.

We also go through an extensive process of assessing each item we sell both for quality and fitness of purpose. We know our system and the hardware that is required to run it at its best. Then as the equipment comes in we do a check on all our equipment. Every system has a single engineer who has intimate knowledge of this equipment and is in complete control from start to finish. It only leaves our premises when it is ready to be shipped out.

We also assess our prices all the time and we feel that we are very competitive. I do not see why our customers should complain that they are saving a lot of money with us. I do not see any of them complaining about that.

The question is not why we are cheap but how do they get away with their prices.