Speeds for EFTPOS on our point of sale


These are the average speeds of EFTPOS in our point-of-sale system by type and day of the week. The lower the bar, the faster it is. The times are listed in thousands of a second, and as you can see with an ethernet connection, we are doing an acceptance now in just over a second. What is interesting is that the days of the week made very little difference. Using a network (light blue) it's a bit faster on Thursday, and I have no idea why but if you look on the slowest day which is Tuesday, you will see that the speed difference is irrelevant as who would in practice notice about 0.05 of a second? 


What also is good is that even with the slower WIFI connection (see dark blue), EFTPOS it is being done in about a 1.3 seconds. Even the older orange units are between 1.4 and 1.8 seconds. Much of the slowness with the WIFI is because of the merchants' router and the Internet traffic in the location, not the EFTPOS. A good way of speeding up the EFTPOS, if this 0.2 of a second is too much would be an upgraded EFTPOS unit, put on a better router and leave the rest of the traffic to the existing router.


This was quite an improvement over last year, as you can see here.




The speed of EFTPOS with tyro that we now have recently dramatically increased overall.