Speed extra tills and security

I am sure you will agree that having many tills on one computer does speed up customer processing, but it has other advantages too such as employee theft.

One point that really annoys me, mainly because I have a financial background is what I see in many point of sale software solutions that are poorly implemented and badly understood by the owner and operators who have received marginal training.

In such a situation an employee with knowledge of the system is sometimes able to bypass the internal checks with disarsterous results to the business. Say if two or three people are working one till and money has disappeared then no-one is responsible. If on the other hand everyone has their own till, then every till has someone responsible. This is another big advantage of having many tills on one computer because this is what you can do, give everyone their individual till.

As a retailer, dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s must be at the top of your priority list.