Software update

The importance of automatic updates was seen recently with the Gordon and Gotch change over from 5 to 10 digits codes. Those people that had our point of sale system on windows had almost no trouble, the software automatically updated, the fixes were applied end of story. Those clients of ours on old DOS and older Windows programs that do not update had more problems.

I think these old systems without automatic updates should I think to be replaced as it is not just the extra time these old technologies take. To a business owner time is money, and automatic updates take no time manual updates takes heaps and must be scheduled.

Then there are security and functional losses which cannot be emphasised enough as we often we automatically sending out security updates, one site, for example, call us with a problem with a Microsoft update, so we make a fix and send it out to all our clients often the same day. As a result of this, very few of them even know that a problem is there and has been fixed.

The other issue is that by automatically updating you get instantly the new and exciting features that we are continuously adding to our system. Our programmers are continually looking to make new and improved features to make your experience that much better, These features you can receive the benefits of as they’re released instantly.