Should I upgrade to Windows 10?

Several of our clients are now running Windows 10. Many like me, just could not wait. It is proving to being very popular. I have never seen a version of Windows that taken off as quickly as Windows 10.

This is quite surprising to me as business people in my experience are usually slow to get behind new operating systems. Even when they buy new PCs, generally they tend to buy the safe one rather then jump into the new systems. This is probably still true with most businesses who are sticking for now to Windows 7.

There are good reasons for this as well. The big problem with Windows 10 is the old equipment like printers and monitors that after going to Windows 10 that no longer work. These are not so many Microsoft's faults as much as the manufacture of the printers and drivers that are not bothering to get much of their old equipment going on Windows 10. This is actually creating for people with old equipment an extremely complex IT environment. Although it's been promised those people that have tried after upgrading to Windows 10 to go back to what they had often have been unsuccessful. As such many of our users are after doing a conversion to Windows 10, are finding that they have to buy new equipment.

Software is also proving a problem because several software vendors, including Microsoft are demanding money for supplying the necessary updates for Windows 10 for their software.

The other reason to wait is that a new version of Windows 10 is expected next month, this is the one that is supposed to have the bug fixes. This release will take some time to test, which means that many of my clients will be thinking as everything is working fine now, Christmas is not a good time to start experimenting.

As such early 2016, would be my recommendation to consider upgrading.

Here are some questions, you should ask?

Are you happy with the system you have?

If you are having no problems with your current system, maybe the upgrade is unnecessary.

“If it has not broken, do you need to fix it?"

Do you need to upgrade all the computers?

Maybe just upgrade a computer and see how you go before jumping in.

Are you ready to deal with any problems caused by the upgrade?

As sure as day follows night, there will be problems. Not all are big problems, but some are. Many involve some major tinkering with the system just get it back to where it was.

Less privacy in Windows 10

There are now major concerns about the extra information Windows 10 is collecting and sending to Microsoft. Now what are they going to do with this information? Although I am sure it will be legal and above board, the fact is that data collection is worth hundreds of billions of dollars now to companies like Google, Facebook etc even a company the size of Microsoft cannot walk away from that sort of revenue.

I say this because a new patch for Windows 10 was released about a week ago which has something resembling Microsoft advertisements in the Start Menu. Now people are asking are advertisements coming to Windows?