Short term Product Placement 


As a rule, top-selling items should be at eye level in the shop in the highest selling areas. This helps to encourage even more sales. The problem is that many items are only short-term sellers and are difficult to identify. For example, I am sure over the next three weeks, Game of Throne products will sell well but once the series is over product sales of these items will fall off.

And they do fall off, for example, our research shows that in most shops, that six out of the top ten sellers today will be in the top ten sellers list tomorrow. You better have a look at those items today and be aware that almost half will experience dramatic falls in sales tomorrow. 

This is how you analyse your POS software information so you can determine which items are selling the most in the short-term. 

Go to Register reports

Now select "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period"


Now put in yesterday dates and out comes a report with the top sellers for today.

Now, these need to be checked that they are in the highest selling areas in the shop.

Tips for placing top-sellers

Shoppers start looking at a shelf at eye level and they look from left to right, so what you want to make sure is that your high selling products in the shelf are on the left at eye level. 

Think of placing complimentary goods near your best sellers to grow basket size and drive impulse purchases. This product strategy works well as people once they decide to buy something will often buy more. 

All things being equal, give preference to brand and quality items. For some reasons which I am not sure, these do better and they give your shop a boost as it is seen as a quality shop. Let the bargain shoppers work a bit harder in your shop for their bargains.




Thanks for this post.Top N stock sales by period want more details?

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