Shoppers today were eager taking on Boxing Day


It is expected today that retailers will bring in about $2.3 billion sales today and about $18 billion in the following three weeks. [Link was removed]

I spoke to a few of my clients and generally, they were happy with the trade this season although many told me that this season started off slow but built up. This slower but longer pattern appears to be a long-term trend. 

Some of my clients will be doing half their yearly trade in this and next month. One of them told me, he was doing an actual speed test of just how fast our system can be under pressure. 

From what I could see, people were queueing up, it is not often that you see shops with barriers in the front and a guard managing a queue to restrict public access to a shop. I took some shots at the DFO Moorabbin, they are actually bigger then they look as people were lining up in a snake queue


DFO Moorabbin Boxing Day queue


DFO Moorabbin Boxing Day queue

DFO Moorabbin Boxing Day queue


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