Shop profit and sales this year to last year


The $64,000 question many of you will be asking now is how well did I do this year in my shop compared to last year. Just how am I travelling? 


Now is a good time to find out and it is very easy to do.


Go to Reporting Documents > Dissection Family Class Period Sales Comparison.



Now put in the financial year dates, in this case, I put down that I want a report on all products. 

Note there are many more options here but let us keep it simple, you can always experiment later if you want to learn more.


Now on the basic version, you get a very detailed comparison by department and class.  It will make I am sure fascinating reading, in my view the two most important metrics here are Qty which are the number of sales for each department and the $ Profit made by each department. 


What can be also useful is running the same report comparing last year with the year before that, this will give you a two-year trend analysis.


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