Seven reasons to use a touchscreen in your POS system


As touchscreen technology is now widely used to improve performance. So people are becoming aware of the benefits of touchscreen devices. As a result, the use of touch screens in retail and offices are increasing.


Here are seven (7) benefits of using a touchscreen for your Point of Sale (POS) system.


Economically today.

This is the big reason people need a screen anyway, so most people feel why not get one with touch?


Increase in the speed of tasks. Very few of us are touch typists. As such, there is a delay from when we identify the spot on the screen and then move our eyes to type on the keyboard letter. The touchscreen allows the user to select the required characters without moving their eyes. This results in a faster response time.

This improved efficiency means that your staff can work faster so process customers quicker. This helps prevent long queues and customer dissatisfaction.


Easier to use

Looking at the screen keeping your eye on it makes it much easier to use. This makes it great for juggling various tasks on what are increasing more complex screens. As you can tap what you need, it is much simpler to operate as it provides you with direct access that eliminates the need for a mouse and keyboard.


People with physical disabilities

More people can use them. We did a major upgrade for multiple sclerosis. These people were unable to use keyboards what we found using a combination of voice and touch works well. Without a touch screen, these people cannot work. With it, these people can operate a POS system.



Since COVID, everyone appreciates that there is much less to clean as people are handling less the keyboard and mouse. Screens are flat and often dust sealed. This makes them easier to clean and disinfect.



With mobiles, we are all used to touch, making it far more intuitive to use today. This is the way most people now work in the 2020s.



Windows and its software is now built for touch.


One of our suppliers has reported to us that they have quite a lot of touch screens that they could not sell due to the lockup. As these are commercial grade if your interested in getting a touch screen, why not get one now as we have a Black Friday special for your shop now!




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