Selecting an antivirus software


Hacked POS systems

How do you keep your POS system safe? Perhaps a better question today is what can you do that in the event of a something going wrong, you can look at a judge and say, I followed the correct procedures, and I did as much as could be expected. 

There is not much else you can do as new security threats are being produced every day and even the experts cannot keep up with it. 

Well, the first point any expert will ask is, did you have a decent antivirus program? That is easy to have and set up, and it will not cost you anything.

In my view, the best two places to get advice on antivirus software is av-comparatives which is an independent organisation based in Austria and av-test which is the independent research institute for IT security in Germany.

Both of them are highly regarded for their regular tests on many of the major antivirus software.

Our company rule is if a vendor is not on both lists and if only both approve that package do we recommend that antivirus software.

So this is how you do the test. Since the two that I like and use mainly because they are fast and seem to produce few problems are Avast and Microsoft defender (which is free), I will follow these. 

Go to the business section on the av-comparatives website, here currently, it is June 2018  

Now check whether yours is on the list and is approved. The approved ones are found on the bottom of the page. The two that I like, I see are both approved. 

If okay with your choice now go to av-test which the latest test is here

See the ones that av-test certify. Check again to see if yours is there. The two that I like, I can see are both certified.

So my two have passed. How did you go with yours?

As you can see if you want an instant and free antivirus package, then windows defender is an acceptable choice.  If you are on an old operating system like XP, I would recommend Avast Free which is also an acceptable choice. 

However, you write in your company diary that you checked out your antivirus software and its fine. 

Will it stop all security threats? The answer is *NO*. Have you picked well, I am sure if both approve it, then it is a good product and has been correctly tested by reputable people. 

What is sure is that this is a simple and obvious solution for helping to reduce hacking attacks and to protect your system from harmful malware software.




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