See how weather influences your product sales


There are seasonal trends in retail based on weather but just as important are daily weather changes. These cannot often be planned for yet this often determines what we buy, e.g. on rainy days, you can find umbrellas on many shop fronts. Do you think this woman above is going to buy the same products on this day as on a hot day?

If you are not using weather, you missing out on sales opportunities.

So let us start small, and you can build later.

Find some interesting days

So first go here 

Put in the option for weather, your location and note some hot, cold, and wet days. We need a few of each.

Determine how weather affects sales in your shop

Keep an open mind as you may be surprised with different weather conditions, e.g. indoor toys, coffee and glove sales. So what we need is a detailed analysis of historical demand in your shop for these days 

Easy to get it, go to Register reports.

Now pick "Top N Stock Sales for a Given Period."


Now in the form put in a few hot days, instantly a report comes out that looks like this with your top sellers listed for those days.

Take notes of what is unusual.

Now do the same for cold and wet days 

“What if?”: Scenario Planning 

If it's a hot day, what do we want to bring to the front? 
If it's a cold day, what do we get to the front?
If it's a wet day, what do we put to the front?

Now prepare these goods in advance. You may need to do some ordering here.

Most importantly, have some signage ready to bring these goods to the public attention.

Create an Implementation Plan 

When the appropriate day comes, bring some of the goods and the signs to the front. Give them a chance to sell.

You can pick up much business by just looking at the connections caused by weather as it is one of the most critical influences on people.

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