Scripting an explanation

Come a holiday and often many of our clients require to make many changes to their system simply to make it work.

For example, a newsagent would have to find out about many of the following newspapers,

West Australian
Kalgoorlie Miner
Daily Telegraph
Courier Mail
Illawarra Mercury
Geelong Advertiser

Find the price and availability over the holidays, often has to review then a hold sheet from their software provider and enter on the appropriate time this information into their system. It takes time plus its a pain in the neck.

This used to be true for old-fashioned point of sale software like DOS and primitive windows software, today modern software uses scripting. What it does is as we do not know what exactly will be required this holiday, what we do is write code which we call a script that our software reads and then modifies our system ultimately to do what is required. That way, you do not have to do anything so saving you a lot of time.

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