Roaming Wifi and our point of sale software

You are the move, roaming and want to connect to your store to see what is happening there. Well, you can, as our software links into the net. It can be used anywhere there is an internet connection. Although it will work on a mobile, I suggest if you intend to do this to use something with a bigger screen either a tablet or a laptop.

Depending on where you are there are many options for the internet if you are out and about. Many fast food restaurants, cafes, shopping centres and shops provide free internet. Many coffee shops also offer Wi-Fi, although they are not entirely free as you are expected to buy a drink.

Another possibility is the hotels, ironically in my experience, the cheaper hotels are more generous when it comes to providing Wi-Fi services often for free, while the classier hotels often charge.

I do not recommend dongles, as I find that the data signal is often weak. A better solution is to use the smartphone. So I use my smartphone which I can link into my laptop which is what this woman above is doing. As most mobile plans have included a decent data allowance, generally starting at about 10 GB a month today, it cost nothing to link in. Before you do this make sure you do have a reasonable data allowance on your phone. I got a $1,000 bill when my daughter got on my laptop on holidays and without my knowing about it spent many hours on youtube so making me go over my decent data allowance. If this happens to you, I suggest you complain. My bill was reduced by 50% after I complained.

So you will be able to stay in contact with your business where ever you are with us.