Revamping Our Loyalty Marketing: A Journey of Progress



Now, approximately two-thirds of our clients engage in some form of Loyalty marketing. 

Current loyalty marketing theory

I attended a webinar on current Loyalty marketing.
What became clear is that now due to the impact of COVID on consumer behaviour, the traditional concept of loyalty marketing has changed from an individual towards building a sense of belonging in a community to a person. Today's marketers focus on creating communities where customers feel connected and engaged. The primary method used is gamification. 

If you want a summary of what they were talking about, I recommend the free Executive Summary of For Love or Money™ 2023, the 11th edition of the research study. I think is the best study on customer loyalty and loyalty programs in Australia. 

It is available here.


Based on this, we are working on an update to our Loyalty Marketing Software! So we are creating new features and enhancements designed to provide even greater value to our valued clients.

A gamification option

Based on a thousand people, check out this table.


Reward customer purchases and encourage repeat business by incorporating gamification aspects by tracking customer progress through a leaderboard.

You will also get 

Enhanced User Experience

Our updated interface is now more straightforward and intuitive than ever, making it quicker and easier for users to navigate the system.

Expanded Marketing tools

With these additional tools, you can better tailor your VIP marketing campaigns to suit your requirements.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

Get more profound insights into your campaigns' performance so that you can adjust them accordingly.


These updates will enable you to build stronger connections with your customers.

Executive Summary

Loyalty Marketing has shifted from individual to community focus. 
The suggested tool used for bonding is called gamification. 
 Our loyalty marketing software is also being improved. 

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