Reduce POS system cost

Here is another tip to save you money while running your point-of-sale system.

As ink accounts for about 60% of the cost of printing, what you can do is by adjusting the font you can actually save a significant amount.

For example, if you look through this list of fonts. you can see that there would be significant difference in the amount of ink being consumed.

For statements, I would advocate you look at Century Gothic and Times New Roman fonts, which are among the most cost effective fonts. Although slightly dearer Calibri, is almost as good but has the advantage that many feel it looks better and is more professional. Microsoft for example uses Calibri because they feel that "The more pleasing a font looks at the screen, the less tempted someone will be to print it. This will save both ink and paper."

Additionally, test your printer on 'draft' and 'fast normal' that will save even more ink.