point of sale software - Another tip

In your loyalty system, you collect emails and SMS details. Here is a tip how to use it.

Check the life cycle of the items purchased by your clients. You should get a fairly good idea of the average lifetime. If in doubt, you can always ask your clients during the sale process "How long do you reckon that will keep you going?" Now set the VIP system so it automatically send an email to your client prompting them that now the item they purchased needs replacement and you have it.

A related idea that works well is if the items they purchased has been upgraded or a newer addon coming out, send emails to these shoppers to remind them that they did purchase the item and a new model and/or addon is available now in your store.

You are going to find that many of your clients, if they do not buy from you in a certain time period can be lost forever, deliver them a individualised e-mail before that time period may induce a purchase.

This idea works with a wide diversity of products in almost any business.