Quick and easy check prices of your stock

Tomorrow many of you will need to check your tobacco prices, but even those without tobacco are often faced by a sudden price rise and need a quick and easy way to check the items' price for what they have on hand.

Now with our point of sale software, this is a quick way of doing it.

In your reports, there is an option Quantity On Hand and Price check, so click on that.

POS Software menu

Now for this exercise, we exclude that item that we have zero stocks. If you do not have accurate stock control, you would use the line below, stock activity since a selected date.

Then we pick the dissection (department); in this case, I use tobacco.

Now some of you for this exercise may prefer to select by supplier okay, whatever is quicker.

POS Software On hand and preice options

Now out comes a report showing the items, cost, the quantity on hand and the retail price.

POS Software On hand and price report

I think it is easier to use it in an excel spreadsheet as I can tick it off and do calculations if required so I pressed where the red arrow is and the report comes out in an excel, or if I do not have excel openoffice an spreadsheet like here.

POS Software On hand and price in excel

Using our POS Software, you can take care of all your stock control needs quickly.