Public holiday support AFL Grand Final


It's a public holiday here in Victoria tomorrow, so our interstate customer support team will take over tomorrow. Then, as on Monday, it is a public holiday in NSW, their interstate team will take over. The musical chairs we play in business. Our Victorian and interstate teams are outstanding, so we will provide the same excellent service our customers expect.

We understand some of you may need support today during the big game. While I recommend avoiding calling during peak times if possible, but if you need, we have staff ready to assist if you need us. We are doing our best under the challenging circumstances that public holidays inevitably bring. Please be patient and kind - we're all doing our best!

May the best team win tomorrow.

AFL Grand Final 2023 predictions and tips

It should be a good match; this AFL grand final between Collingwood and Brisbane is set to be an epic encounter. Both teams have shown stellar form and consistency and appear evenly matched. Collingwood and Brisbane finished first and second on the ladder with only one game between them, which is slightly in Collingwood favour. Both won their qualifying finals—the Pies did not do as well as Brisbane. The Lions have been recently winning more than Collingwood. The Lions' recent victory over the Pies is telling. Both teams have injury problems, of concern to Collingwood is that Moore's absence could really hurt Collingwood. Both have good finals experience but Collingwood is a bit more.

The Odds


Bookmakers have Collingwood as the clear favourite. That motivates me to go for Brisbane; I tend to go for underdogs. I have another reason for picking Brisbane; I am equal to the top on the NLNA NANA footy tipping on games but behind on points. I blame my team, Carlton's performance this year, for that situation. If I go for the favourite, I cannot win, but if Brisbane pulls an upset, then I have a chance.

The Verdict

It should be a really cracking contest. 

I am sure the best team will win!

Enjoy the big game; I know I will.

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