Protecting credit card numbers on your point of sale system part 2


Readers here may be interested in knowing that my previous post seems to have generated some comments. What was annoying to me is that despite this, they seem more absorbed in getting points than fixing the inaccuracies in their report! Despite what they say, their clients or anyone else POS software clients, including ours, should not have tranquillity about their customer credit card details and fraud. I certainly hope for the sake of their readers that they do not take their advice.


It is a severe problem, for example, the latest trend Micro report states

"Australia ranked second in the world for countries with the highest number of PoS RAM Scraper infections in Q1, with 10% of the world’s PoS RAM Scraper infections,"


If you want to read just how serious this problem is, here are some links from recent credit card data breaches using this technology.

{links have since been removed}