Privacy laws

As you are probably aware, new laws have come into effect relating to the care of private information. We are such have been updating our software to make it harder for unauthorised people to get private information. A recent newsletter has gone out stating the new changes being made now in our software regarding this.

If you want to know whether you are directly affected by this law, please click here…

and see the checklist to work through in Appendix A.

Note even if your organisation is not directly affected, I do suggest that you do toughen up your security because no-one wants to get into a legal argument with lawyers over whether you are or not covered plus there are general privacy principles that I am sure all of us agree should be respected.

So I do suggest that you do have a privacy officer, that you do not give unauthorised people access to your computer systems without supervision. Any computer with access to the internet has a current up to date antivirus software, your point of sale software backups are at all times in a safe place such as your home which is locked at all times and/or is under the direct care of an authorised person.