POS Solutions Refutes Competitor's recent Claims


A fair price is an indication of respect for both the purchaser and vendor, not just a numerical value.

Yet again, I read an attack on POS Solutions as its prices are too low by a competitor.

I know the person involved well, and I spoke to him. Here I respond to these claims by a competitor about our software being inferior and our prices being too low.

POS Solutions refuted these claims. We defend our reputation for providing high-quality products and services at fair prices.

We feel this decision proves the higher quality of POS Solution's product, that we were chosen because our software was superior. In any case, it shows that our offering was better than theirs for our client. 

POS Solutions Denies Dropping Prices; it maintains its Focus on Fair Pricing for Quality Products

POS Solutions denied that we dropped our price ten times, as they claimed. We did not have to, as it was clear to the client that their offering was not in the ballpark with their prices.

The issue here was never a lower price but a fair price.

Continuous Price Review Ensures Competitive Pricing and Positive Customer Feedback

POS Solutions confirmed that we continuously review our prices to ensure we remain competitive in the market. They are proud of the positive feedback they have received from customers about the affordability of their prices. Only they complain about our prices being too low.

The Competitor's High Prices More Worthy of Questioning Than POS Solutions' Affordable Pricing

As this example shows, POS Solutions believes that the real question should be how they can justify their high prices rather than why POS Solutions offers affordable prices. Here they could not.

POS Solutions takes pride in our reputation for providing reliable and cost-effective solutions. We have been doing this for over 40 years and are committed to maintaining this standard for many years.

We always work to improve our products and services to meet our client's evolving needs.

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