POS Solutions and Xero Accounting

Xero accounting

You can with us, unlike others seamlessly integrate your Point of Sale software into a range of accounting systems, including Xero.

There are, however, a few limitations in importing into Xero that you need to be aware of, this is not caused by us but the importing mechanism used by Xero.

The main limitations that worry us are:

1) Xero is designed for people that have less then 1,000 Debtors Sales invoices a month. We have many clients that do more than 50 invoices a day.

2) Xero can handle only up to 2,000 bank transactions a month. A person with a decent website could easily go over that.

3) Xero recommends no more then 4,000 stock items. Most of our clients are way over that.

None of these is going to be a problem, if you decide to use your Xero as a summary tool for your accounting, but it will if you intend to do detailed accountancy in Xero.

There are many more limitations and its a worth a read here if you are thinking of using Xero.

Overall, my advice is unchanged. Think carefully how your business works, please do not assume that all accountancy programs are the identical, as they all have pluses and minus even though they do the equivalent task. What I would suggest is you take advantage of the free trial periods that many accountancy systems offer to test the system to see how it works in your business.