Point of sale: Pricing on hamper packs

Our hamper system is now being improved in the latest version.

Hampers are a great way of getting rid of unsellable stock. Rather than trying to sell an almost unsellable item say $5 with a RRP of $30, what a lot of people like to do is add such items with a hot-selling item and add say $10 to the price so the hamper sells with a $20 discount. In practice, this works very well particularly if the items are related in some way.

The problem is that what can happen is that the items in hamper pack if you add them up individually price is lower than hamper price. This can of course causes arguments at the point of sale as people can count. The solution here is if you are using hampers do not let this happen so remove at least one item from sale.

In any case our software will consider that the hampers is a fixed price *entity* and the hamper price takes precedence.

It can cause problems in stock analysis too as some would argue that both items are discounted and some would say that the hot-selling items sold at the normal price, but the discounted one sold at a discount. The argument gets more complex if the hamper has ten items which are the discounted ones. This you need to be aware of but there is no easy solution at present so we discount everything for sales analysis.

With our Point of Sale software, retailers are able to maximise the hamper possibility open to them as we administer and monitor each hamper, report on the stock at the item and hamper level so providing you with superior reporting and enabling you to make more informed decisions.

We are pleased to have an chance to help retailers make the most of this.