Plastic bags in Victoria



Well, Victoria today joined most of Australia except NSW by banning single-use plastic bags today in retail.




This ban affects small business only as the larger retailers have long stopped plastic bags here. 

I know some of my clients now offer only paid bags. Some use paper bags. One advantage of the expensive paper bags is that the customers appreciate is that they can be given to someone with no gift wrapping required.

One problem with them that several complained about was that the plastic bags are more weather resistant than the paper. Anyone that has lived in Melbourne will know about our rain problem, no city in the world has so many changes in weather as we have, so they are wondering if they now will have to put the items in a plastic bag and then put the wrapped object in a paper bag.  

If you do supply single use plastic bags in your shop, you now need to charge for them. This is easy to set up in our point of sale software. I am not sure about the law as to whether you can sell them with customers VIP points, I was not able to get a definate answer about this. 


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