Alipay trials request for case study site




As readers here will be aware Alipay is the preferred payment method for Chinese people visiting Australia. As about 1.2 million Chinese tourists come to Australia each year and each spends an average of $8,000 per visit this makes them in dollar terms our number one tourist trade. Plus on top of that, there are many Chinese nationals and students living in Australia that use it,  so giving many of our clients' access to a pretty good market. 

If you think you think could benefit from Alipay and would be open to doing a case study could you please contact me ASAP as we need to have it running by the holiday season starts.

I can guarantee you, the work on your side will be minimal, you will get a good deal on EFTPOS as well as the Alipay link.



At Peak Central we are ideally located to service the City of Cockburn and surrounding suburbs including Cockburn Central

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