Plain packaging now hiding the facts


A couple of people referred me to this video on Media Watch on plain paper packaging. I think unfortunately the ABC is more about political correctness then news. So we were treated with conspiracy theories with organisations and people with agendas.

In so far as it related to the current problem of increasing sales of tobacco to their credit, they did accept that it was happening and then offered a political correct theory that tobacco sales were up because wholesalers are stocking up for months due to coming increase in price. They offered *NO* evidence to support this theory.

Those reporters clearly did not bother to check up on the facts as anyone who has anything to do with tobacco knows that its wholesale prices have been going up for years. That is why it is almost all taxes now. Why somehow this year everyone stocking up on tobacco because of a price rise?

Tell me many of you are reasonable sellers of tobacco, are you stocking more than usual?