PayPal 2014



A few people have enquired as to how PayPal works.
Several of my clients AS IS use PayPal now. It works fine and for anyone who wants to do anything serious on the web, it's a must. For many people that is enough.
Nevertheless, we are always looking forward to making things better and expand our software so for well for over a year we have had several discussions with PayPal about their smart phone system that would be integrated into our software direct.
Firstly, PayPal Merchant rate is 2% flat.  That has to be notified to the customer before purchase or absorbed for reasons that will become clear shortly.
From the merchant perspective, PayPal would be another payment type. It has the advantage that the customer does not need to be anywhere near the card reader.  That is why it is particularly of interest to people in the hospitality industry as people do not have to get up to order.
Here is a video of a well-known  bakery using it now.

If you are interested in proceeding, please let me know.