Passwords time to change them

At least once a year, all high-security passwords must be changed and the start of the year is a good time for doing this. Although most people dislike the idea it is a necessary evil

Last year, it was not just big companies that got hacked like Yahoo with 500 million accounts passwords stolen but small companies too, for example, in 2016 after one small newsagency was taken for over $36,000, that got them on TV here after that, one of our competitors announced in 2016 that several times others sites of theirs too had been hacked; all were SMB businesses.

The problem is that as Point-of-sale systems have cash, because they process credit cards, virtual products, and they are on the Internet, they are highly desirable targets. The other problem to the retailer is beside the direct costs are the legal fees that result from a data breach.

One action you can do to reduce this problem dramatically is to change your passwords regularly.

Please do not use a password like "123456", "qwerty" or "password". I would suggest not using your home address, date of birth, dog's name or grandmother's name either as people close to you may know them.

Here are some other tips, do not share your passwords with people at work, if you have too, then changed it ASAP. Do not write the passwords down in a spot where other people can read it.

Hackers often use two methods. The first simply try every word in the dictionary. Not a big job as there is plenty of software free readily available, especially to automate this process.

So as a rule never use a word in the dictionary.

If that fails a hacker, most of this cracking software have methods that will try every combination of letters, words and punctuation.

If you want to test your password, about how long it would take a hacker to crack your password if they have access to your desktop click on this site.

Some samples
bernard - Instantly
australia - instantly
smartphone - 59 minutes
white car - 5 hours

Finally do not check only yourself, what about your staff?