Our survey for 2018 is now closed



I want to thank all the people that took part in our annual survey in 2018. 

Every year for the past 20 years we have been surveying our clients to see how we have been going forward. Its purpose is to see how they feel we performed. What I find very useful is that using it, I can see how we went compared to previous years, 

It is going to take me some time to process it, but so far we look overall pretty good in 2018. For those that know something about measuring customer satisfaction, I am pleased to report that our NPS is up slightly up this year and is now just over 40 which puts us well in the high group. That is pretty amazing as the average for an IT company in Australia is about -7.

So our customers are happy at least those that filled the survey are overall very happy with us 

Now I need to go through the details, and hopefully, this study can help us to find specific areas and technologies that we need to focus on in 2019 so that we can bring you more of what you need.

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