Open challenge to one of my competitors

The rule is, if someone makes a claim, they have the burden of proof to justify and substantiate that claim by showing what evidence they have to back up the claim. If this evidence cannot be produced the claim is often discounted.

If I say to you that the moon is made of green cheese, you do not have to do anything but its up to me to prove that the moon is made of green cheese.

Well, one of our competitors in the newsagency point of sale software has made some statements, that I think all of us would like evidence to prove it.

1) What evidence do they have that their newsagency management software is best practices? Please click here. The wikipedia talks of public review, self-assessment, benchmarking, the use of accredited management standards such as ISO 9000 and ISO 14001, and so on. What evidence is there for any of this in their claim?

Note here our software does much more than just newsagency management, but that is another issue.

2) Prove or submit evidence that they have as many newsagents as they claim using their software?

The yellow pages here lists 3729 so they would need to show that over half of them are their clients.

3) What evidence is there that all the other vendors of newsagency management software have less than what you claim you do?

No vendor releases their numbers, I suspect that this is another of their opinion which I have doubts about.

Once this is done we can move onto the other claims here, but let me state we have been deeply involved in newsagent channel and have no intension of leaving the channel.