Now start to get organised for Christmas!


Christmas measured interest using Data Source: Google Trends.

At the best of times, getting organised for the Christmas season is a big task. Now an added problem is that with this crisis with deliveries, it is now so undependable. Click here for a compelling article.

Looking at Google Trend, the public mood is as good as Christmas last year. If so, the interest is there, alright. 

The other matter to consider is that we are vaccinating under 2 million people a week now. This is brilliant. Based on this, by Christmas, Australia will make the 70%+ immunised. This will put us up there with leading countries like Malta, UAE and Israel. 

If you want an idea of what to look for, use your Point of Sales Software to see what worked well and what did not last year.

This is a step by step method for doing this.

Go to register reports and select the top stock report as marked with the red arrow here.


You get this screen

Now it is best to work by the department as it makes it easier to study related products.

Now you need to review this list to see what did sell. You may find many items that did not sell; it would be best to explore these too.

Retailers that prepare well will be in a good place for Christmas.




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