Newsagencies in Europe II

I told one of my clients that I would send them some pictures of newsagencies in Europe, and I thought to myself that my readers would be interested too.

What really strikes you about newsagencies in Western Europe is just how many of the magazines are covered in plastic. Even cheap magazines in Europe often are plastic bagged. It is to store extra stuff together with the magazine. They call bagged magazines "plus".

Here are some pictures of magazines on the shelves. As you can see they really like to pack them in.

Typical prices are about $1.50 to $8.00.The magazines themselves tend to have fewer pages but higher quality.

What they use is a lot of card spinners. This is because cards are not nearly as big in Europe as in Australia. What people will do is buy packets of cards and simply write into it the occasion birthday, anniversary, etc. The only exception tends to be death cards, which might explain why in Australia, card companies often over empathize this category as they are basing some of their figures on European retail studies. So our system as a result based on Australian retail studies are continuously flagging our clients to send these cards back.

However these card spinners are very good and worth a look. What I particularly like is how mobile they are. The shopkeeper here allowed me to try moving it, and I was extremely impressed how easy and quick it was to move, position and how studier they were when positioned. In the morning, these ones get rolled out in front of the shop and at night they are rolled back.