New model all-in-one arrived, have a look


Following the turmoil caused by the COVID pandemic in 2020, we had a semiconductor chip shortage and extended COVID-19 lockdowns in China and many parts of Australia. Also, the delivery system was in crisis. All this wreaked havoc on computer imports. So here we were all waiting for these new all-in-one units that were never coming.

Well, finally the new models have arrived.

It is a computer made for a shop running POS Software.

There are slightly bigger and more powerful, and the screen is better than the previous model. So these can run a shop faster and better too.

I took some pictures of the unit. Once you see them, I am sure you will be impressed with the small footprint on the counter.


It's a best buy, alright.

If you want the older model, they are available at a better price now for a short time as stock is limited. Once the Australian stock sells out, we cannot get any more of the old models.


Can I get a price on both the new and old versions please?
I assume that PCeftpos and existing scanners, rec. printers etc will work with these?

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