New EFTPOS monitoring


What the recent outages which brought almost all EFTPOS terminals down in Australia have shown is that it is very hard for a retailer or for us to determine what has gone wrong initially. 

We all know something is wrong, but what? Could it be the terminal in the shop, the connection or the EFTPOS network? What I find worrying, is from these recent outages, it became clear that many people working on the EFTPOS network for support did not know initially that something was wrong either. Then as the support lines overloaded, soon we all knew something was happening.

So what I  do like about the Westpac Presto Smart terminals is they have real-time monitoring.

What it does allow is the EFTPOS escalation team to have real-time monitoring on your terminal. So it allows them to check terminal battery level, transaction errors and the most important the connectivity status that your terminal sees.

Plus it also means that they can receive alerts if terminal issues are occurring as well, so they know more about what is happening.

This all will save us a lot of time if something goes wrong. 

Click here for more details.




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