Network Services are closing



This morning Network Service announced that they would move all their retail distribution activities to Gordon and Gotch. As our systems can handle what will be much bigger return forms, but clearly it will be a major problem for some larger magazine retailers who do not use our system.

We are all now discussing the situation on how to best manage this changeover. Obviously, many patches will need to be made to automatically update your magazines to handle the new codes and return details, they are going to be big ones. We are going to have magazines delivered by Network that need to be updated before they can be returned to Gordan and Gotch.

Of course, it is still in the early in the process so how all of this is going to happen is yet to be fully discussed and decided. More details will be released closer to the transition dates.

Here are some relevant links that VANA have released, the one by Bauer I have highlighted as I think it is a must-read.

Network Services announcement

Gordon and Gotch announcement

Bauer Media FAQ

Gordon and Gotch FAQ

We had three magazine distribution service, then we had two and now we have one.


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