My thoughts on retail Christmas in 2020?


Everyone is so relieved in retail that we are open for business with most retail staff returning. So no-one, unlike past years, has given us their predictions. It's so hard as it is so different this year from anything we have experienced.

My thoughts, the buying public is not spending their money on concerts, restaurants, holidays, cars, etc. 

Many still have Jobkeeper. 

The public has money, they are cashed up.

The question is, what are they going to do with this cash? 

In our market-space, I am optimistic. We have spoken to our clients, and most report that it looks up. Also, the public is not going anywhere. They will be avoiding crowds. That means to go out it is close friends and families, so they need gifts. They will want Lotto. They also have a big shopping list because now they have several months of demand behind them and what better time to buy than Christmas? Even if they buy much more online, which most of our clients should be on now too, at least 80% plus will come from the retail shops. That is a lot of business assuming they spend.

When I did a google trend analysis for the past month, it shows an upward Christmas trend.

Blue is 2020. Red is 2019. Yellow is 2018, so the interest is there.

So curiously it looks good for Christmas for retailers this year. 

Your marketing should shift to what is happening now where we are seeing as a localised and make it loyalty-based.

Your thoughts?

In any case, make sure your prepared.

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