My second training session


Today Ajmer and Raj from Seddon Newsagency came in for a training session with Leon and I. They had many queries regarding subagent payments and transactions, general stock and customer maintenance, and updating the input devices currently in their shop.

One issue they had with subagents is a common one. When subagent payments are made in parts and not in full, this can create a problem with their balance (where incorrect values are shown). One way to fix this is to make a statement every time a subagent makes a payment. Alternatively, Leon suggests, as newsagency owners, you should send out a notice to your subagents informing them they must pay in full on a constant basis. You should not demand this immediately though; give your subs some time to prepare.

After the meeting, Ajmer and Raj seemed much more confident with the system. They were happy to have their problems sorted out and the extra information (instruction manuals, etc) we gave them will hopefully allow them to keep their business running smoothly.