Moving your POS Register Without Disrupting the shop, 12 tips


A computer being moved

We are always trying to improve things, so we are forever rearranging your existing space to improve. This can be an exciting but also challenging time. If you muck it up, you may need to call an engineer to fix it. That may cost you time and money.

Besides, your point of sale (POS) system is the heartbeat of your business operations, so moving it successfully is critical to avoiding disruptions while you do your POS system relocation.

Follow these tips to make sure your POS register and hardware transition smoothly to the new space:

Map Out Your New POS Setup

Before moving day, visit your new location and figure out exactly where you want your POS register and other hardware to be situated. Check your cables are long enough, and ensure you have enough space for all the devices, e.g. printers, cash draw, etc. The more you work out in advance, the better it will be.

Take a few photos

Do not be shy, take many photos. If something goes wrong, those photos will be really appreciated. 

Label Cables and Ports

As you’re disconnecting devices in your existing space, be sure to label each cable and note what port it was plugged into.

Clearly, labelling cables will help immensely when reconnecting everything in the new location. You want to avoid plugging devices into the wrong ports or having a tangled mess of cables without knowing what’s connected to what.

Some tips for labelling cables and ports:

  • Use masking tape or printed labels that won’t come off quickly.
  • Note the device name, port number/location, and what it was plugged into.

Back-Up Your POS System

Before moving equipment, do a full system backup of your POS software. It is good advice before doing anything to your hardware. Rarely have I seen anyone upset with having too many backups.

Treat your Hardware Safely

If you move them a fair distance, carefully pack them up to avoid damage in transit.

Schedule Vendor Support for Installation

Try not to do anything after hours or weekends. In an emergency, if you need help, if available, just in case. As a rule, I say do such tasks from Tuesday to Thursday.

Shut Down the POS Server and Devices Safely

This is important. Switch off everything before disconnecting and moving the devices from the power and data cables.

Test Connections at the New Location

At your new location, set up your POS register in stages:

  • Get your POS server and networking hardware like routers and access points connected first.
  • Slowly connect POS devices one at a time, testing after each.
  • Verify connections by processing practice sales before going live.

Taking it slow helps isolate any connectivity issues or bad cables. Testing with practice transactions ensures your setup is operational before real customer use.

Conclusion for moving a POS System to a New Location

Moving your business can be hectic, but careful planning and preparation will ensure your POS system transitions smoothly without impacting operations.


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