Mirror marketing for Mother's Day

This is a proven way to make a check on your exiting stock lines for the next major marketing day, Mother's Day. It's called mirror marketing.

Firstly, how significant is it that you have the correct stock NOW in your shop for Mother's Day? Well, the Australian Retailers Association estimated that in last year Australians would spend around $2 billion in celebration of Mother’s Day this year. Russell Zimmerman, the Executive Director, said, "Mother’s Day is one of Australia’s biggest spending occasions, second only to Christmas," so you do not want to miss out.

Now let us do some mirror marketing.

Go to Register Reports marked in green.

Now select in stock, "Stock Sold During Period(a) Not Sold in Period(b)"

Now the marketing trend for Mother's Day has already started so what we are trying to do is ride the marketing wave and make sure we do not miss it.

What the report will tell you is what was sold in a previous period (a) last year but has not been sold in a period (b) so we examine the wave then and compare it to what we have currently. Since Mother's Day is a very narrow marketing season, you need probably to run it now and a few times before the holiday.

Now in red for Period (a) you keep these dates as this marketing season progresses the same. Which is four weeks as I have taken a week after just to catch the tail end of the holiday.

In blue, you put in Period (B) the current date minus 28 days so

Today after the close of business, it will be 6/4/17 to 3/5/17

Tomorrow after the close of business, it will be 7/4/17 to 4/5/17

and so on.

Since I did it today, I picked these dates.

Now in yellow, you will see that there are a lot of different options, which can help with ordering and giving specific department information.

Now what you investigate in the report where you get what was sold during the period (a), but you are not selling now in your current period.