Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7, now what?


Usage in Windows 7 has been dramatically falling as such Microsoft has ended support for Windows 7.

Windows desktop over time


For many left on it, what now?

The immediate problem is that Microsoft will no longer produce updates for Windows 7. That means you'll be cut off from security updates, which puts you at greater risk.  Hardware and software suppliers will soon drop Windows 10, as they did Windows XP. Some have no choice, as Windows 7 is no longer considered secure.

Source: StatCounter Global Stats - Windows Version Market Share

As you can see in Australia, it has dropped from almost 72% in 2010 to 9% usage today. That 9% cannot pay for much is the Microsoft problem here. Some, like a competitor, are now telling their Windows 7 users that they plan an increase in support fees for them.

We have been urging our clients to move to Windows 10! 

Note that if you are on a DOS system, we recommend you not move.

If you are thinking of updating, then please give us a call.


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