Mass use of thermal scanners coming


This is my prediction, already overseas in many countries, thermal scanners been deployed in any place which is public gathering places and businesses. It is is very simple, it measures your temperature, and if you are 38 degrees or over, you are told to go away. 

I know that several retail malls have stated that they are looking into introducing them soon. Even though they do have limitations, they are working.

My company has purchased such a thermal scanner, once it comes anyone wishing to enter our premises will be asked to test themselves. If they refuse or have a temperature of 38 degrees or over, they will be told to leave. I suggest that you consider asking every staff member to test themselves every day that they work possibly if they have a home thermometer they could do this at home or maybe you have a thermometer you could use.

Also, if you want to know some facts of what does and does not work for this virus, the World Health Organization has put out information here.


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